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When it comes to life insurance, most people have more questions than answers…but what happens when you don’t even know what to ask? We thought we would help you start the conversation.

We’ve created a list of the most common questions and concerns that most people ask us on a regular basis. Give us a call and let’s work through these questions together.

  1. Do I need life insurance? Why?
  2. I have reasonable life insurance provided by my employer. Is that enough?
  3. How do I know how much life insurance I need? What do I need to consider?
  4. Under what conditions is a whole life policy the best choice?
  5. When is term life insurance a good decision?
  6. Can I have both whole life and term life policies? Is there an advantage to that?
  7. Should I take out life insurance policies on other family members? If so, should it be whole life or term life?
  8. How much life insurance do I leave my beneficiary?
  9. How many beneficiaries can I have?
  10. How much will my life insurance cost me?
  11. What are the tax implications for life insurance? Are my premiums deductible?
  12. If something happens to me, do my outstanding debts get paid before my beneficiary receives a check?

Don’t forget to have any other questions ready about all your insurance needs. Remember, we’re here to help you!