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I had really good dental and vision insurance with my old group policy.  I see that Medicare doesn’t cover these items.  Does Stockett and Associates recommend buying insurance to cover Dental and Vision?

Stockett and Associates does offer Dental and Vision plans.  But their viable and usefulness will vary from person to person.  For most people they want Dental and Vision coverage for routine cleanings and to update their prescription lenses.  A cleaning and dental X-ray can be done and paid for with cash for around $200.  A vision check can be had for half that.  Dental and Vision insurance is usually around $30-40 per month so $360-$480 per year.  In addition to this monthly cost you will also have co-pays for X-rays and most coverages max out at around $1000 annually.  So, for most people it is actually a better use of their money to simply cash for dental and vision needs.  The exception being those who have dental needs beyond just standard cleanings.  If you fall in that category then dental insurance can be a worthwhile insurance just so long as you know that most plans will not cover major dental surgery for the first 12 months of coverage.

For major vision procedures such as cataracts and glaucoma Medicare will pay for those and your first pair of glasses afterwards.  If you are diabetic, Medicare will pay for routine eye exams (and foot exams as well) because their problem areas for diabetics.