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What Are You Going To Do?

National No Housework Day is right around the corner on April 7 but before you jump at the chance of neglecting some of your usual homework or maintenance routines think twice!

Remember the day you moved into your home or apartment. You promised to keep the place in tip-top shape. Then, as with all of us, our busy schedules get in the way of many of our household chores and maintenance tasks.

Instead of avoiding some of these chores and maintenance tasks, take the time to take care of them now so that when April 7 rolls around you can take the day off, put up your feet and relax.

Here are just a few things to check out on your home. We know there are others that you can think of.

Check for cracks in the tile and caulking
Water can seep through tile and caulk cracks in the kitchen and bathroom areas. This can lead to damage and mold. With the right tools, re-caulking is a simple do-it-yourself project. If ignored, you may face a much larger project that will require you to hire someone to replace floors, tiles and/or walls.

Take Care of Leaky Faucets
Leaky faucets equal money down the drain.  Fixing faucets and shower heads at the first sign of a leak can save you money on you water bill. Purchase a wrench, screwdriver and a few other tools so that you can take care it yourself.  These tools will also come in handy for other projects.  And, if you’re not sure what tools are right for the job you can always ask for advice at your local hardware store.

Clean Out Your Closets
Closets are a great place to store everything! But, after a while they may become stuffed with clothing and things you no longer wear or need. Take the time to go through your pantry to dispose of items that have exceeded their expiration date. This is also a great time to re-organize your pantry. Next, tackle your clothes closet. If there are clothes and shoes you haven’t worn for more than a year, maybe it’s time to donate them. Think of all the room you’ll gain for the new additions you’ve been eyeing.

Ready to Enjoy National No Housework Day
Now that you’ve dealt with some of  these and other maintenance issues and chores enjoy National No Housework Day on April 7 by sitting down, and enjoying your home!