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My spouse and I are considering moving to a different state once we fully retire.  If we move will we have to get a new Medicare Supplement?

In most cases you will be able to keep your same Medicare Supplement.  However, if your current supplement doesn’t do business in your new state then you will have to enroll with a new company.   If this happens to be the case the brokers at Stockett and Associates can still help.  We are licensed in most states and have contracts with most major carriers.  Another important point to know is that just because you can keep your current policy you will most likely not be able to keep your rate.  The premiums for Medicare Supplements vary by zipcode so if you move you will have a new rate.  Depending upon the health statistics of where you move to your new rate could be higher or lower than your current rate.

As always you are free to travel at leisure and your Medicare Supplement will follow.  You will be covered even if the supplement company doesn’t do business in that state.