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Adam, my husband has been disabled for several years but he has been covered under my group health insurance.  I am planning on retiring next year when he turns 65 and we will lose our health coverage from my employer.  Will my husband be able to get any kind of policy with his disability?

Yes, your husband will be able to get a policy once you lose your group health insurance.  In fact, his disability will not come into question at all.  Because your husband is turning 65 he will be granted federal open enrollment.  This means that he can enroll in any Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage without any health questions whatsoever.  Additionally, the rates for Medicare Supplements will be significantly cheaper once he gets to be 65 (typically half or a third of the rate for a disability Medicare Supplement).  Also, this open enrollment period only lasts for 6 months so it’s important to make a decision during this time frame.  With your husband being disabled it is highly likely that he has a health condition that would render him unable to answer all the health questions on an application with a “No” thus he would be denied coverage.  So, make sure to take advantage of the open enrollment period where there are no health questions to be answered.

Regardless of which avenue you choose to pursue, Stockett and Associates can assist in making that decision.  We offer all options for Medicare coverage including Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, and Part D Medicine coverage.