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The Medicare Savings Accounts, also known as LASSO, will be going through some changes for 2021.  In the past, everyone got the same deposit onto their medical VISA cards but the member deductible varied by region.  For 2021, the client will have the option to choose the low-risk option with a deposit of $2000 and a deductible of $5000. In this case, the member responsibility is $3000 ($5000 – $2000).  For the high-risk option the client will get a deposit of $3000 and a deductible of $8000.  The member’s responsibility for the higher risk option is $5000 ($8000 – $3000).  As was the case in previous years any unused funds will roll over the next year.  Both plans will maintain their $0 premiums and have access to the full Medicare network.

For any additional information be sure to check out the attached brochure or call us at 877-700-9357.

Lasso 2021 First Look