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How many times have you thought about trying to keep yourself focused, determined to change a habit or just simply get a bit healthier.  Here are some apps that take you from growing a forest to running from the zombies – all in the name of helping you manage your time and stay on track!

As we become more dependent on our smartphones it has also become a distraction. We check emails and social media sites regularly, which make distracts us from our tasks at work or home. Forest helps you handle these distractions in a fun way. The idea is that you set a time that you will not check your smartphone. During that time, Forest plants a seed on its screen for you. As the timer counts down, the seed will grow into a tree. When you manage to finish your time without touching your phone, you are rewarded with a coin that unlocks new types of trees for you. This is a fun way to break this habit. And, you can track your time away from your phone and watch your tree grow into a forest!

Changing habits is difficult. The only way to successful change a habit is to repeat the new behavior. HabitBull is designed to help you stick with a new habit or change a bad one. You can customize the list of habits, setting when and how you want to measure your achievements. It can be a simple yes/no or a more in-depth measure. Follow your own schedule and track your own goals. Simply start tracking habits like nail biting or smoking. Once you see the patterns, it’s easier to break them. Want to encourage a positive habit, such as walking 10,000 steps every day, you can do that with HabitBull too. It helps keep you accountable!

Want to read more non-fiction but feel overwhelmed by the length of some of these books? Then Blinkist is for you. The app contains digests of many non-fiction books from a wide range of categories. It’s a great way to discover a new topic or explore an area of interest. You can read a three—five-page overview while drinking a cup of coffee. And, if the book interests you, you can buy the full text.

Trying to get fit and stay fit, then ZombieRun! might be for you. It combines traditional activity tracking with a great motivator to keep you running. How, you need to stay one step ahead of the zombies that are chasing you. You are a runner trying to reach one of humanity’s last remaining outposts. They need your help to gather supplies, rescue survivors, and defend their home. You need to keep running to stay a head of the zombie! Who wouldn’t be motivated to keep running!