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We are in the middle of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). During these few weeks millions of seniors are reviewing their health insurance. For those on Medicare Advantage plans this is the only time of the year to make those changes. But no matter what plan a person chooses these coverages will all have out of pocket expenses including a max out of pocket that will be several thousands of dollars. To limit this exposure you can enroll in a limited fixed indemnity plan. These plans are not as robust as the indemnity plans offered by Philadelphia American and Manhattan Life but instead they are optimized to be secondary coverages to help pay for out of pocket expenses like the co-payments and deductibles of a primary coverage (Medicare Advantage). These limited fixed indemnity plans are inexpensive and some of these plans have reduced underwriting making them ideal for clients with health issues. To learn more about these options please contact us at the Stockett and Associates.