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While under 65 health insurance has numerous options getting coverage for pre-existing conditions and pregnancy can be difficult.  Any health insurance policy other than an ACA plan will have health questions in order to qualify for the coverage.  Pregnancy seems to be on virtually all health insurance applications thus the policy will not cover it.  Stockett and Associates does, however, carry one company that offers coverage for pregnancy and that company is OneShare.  OneShare is a cost sharing program that operates very similar to major medical insurance.  In most cases it functions the same way just with different terms.  It has a monthly cost, an up front costs to providers and co-insurance and co-pay after the upfront costs.  But OneShare is different than most Major Medical, Short Term and Defined Benefit plans in that it will pay for pregnancy (after a 9 month waiting period).  If you and your family are still interested in growing then Stockett and Associates can definitely help you!  If you would like to learn more about OneShare’s cost sharing plan please contact us and let us know!