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Adam, I was talking to my friend and they told me that they have a Medicare Supplement and they don’t have to pay anything for it.  Why is theirs free but I pay for mine?

This is actually a very common question and situation that we come across as agents.  There is NO such thing as a free Medicare Supplement.  All Medicare Supplements have a premium of some kind.  The truth to the situation is that one of several things is going on here. First, your friend has a Medicare Supplement and actually is paying for it but is unaware.  We are often surprised by people who have Medicare Supplements but have no idea how much they are paying for them.  Secondly, your friend has a $0 premium Medicare ADVANTAGE and doesn’t have a Medicare Supplement at all.  This is VERY common misconception.  People confuse Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage all the time but the coverage is very different.  Thirdly, your friend was either misled or misunderstood their agent as to what kind of coverage they were enrolling in.  In all circumstances I would urge your friend to get with their agent to clarify what kind of coverage they actually have and are using for insurance.