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“Adam, I’ve already got my Medicare Card with Part A and Part B.  What is a Medigap plan and how does it work?”

How do Medicare Supplements work?

Once an individual becomes eligible for Medicare they get access to Part A and Part B of Medicare.  Part A pertains to medical expenses that incur in the hospital and Part B pertains to expenses that incur at a Doctor’s office and outpatient facilities.  Medicare will be your primary payer meaning they will get the initial bill from your provider.  With Medicare you have deductibles, co-insurances and co-payments and all of these “gaps” are the responsibility of the client.

Medicare Supplements (or Medigaps) are a secondary payer after Medicare gets done paying their portion.  Medicare Supplements will only pay once Medicare pays on the bill.  They supplement Medicare’s benefits by covering the “gaps” left by Medicare hence the names Medicare Supplement and Medigap.  Medicare Supplements can be fully comprehensive meaning that together with Medicare they can pay 100% of your medical bills.  Simply put, you show your Medicare and Medicare Supplement cards at the hospital and you walk out owing nothing for your visit.