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My wife and I do not have any life insurance.  We would like to a buy a policy that will cover our burial.  How much would you recommend?

There is virtually no limit to the number of things that you can insure but the only one you are guaranteed to file a claim on is Life Insurance.  You buy life insurance not for yourself but for the benefit of your loved ones.  As of writing this the national average for burial, with all costs included, is just under $8,000.  So, this would be the smallest amount that I’d recommend but hopefully you are going to pass away in the future and not right now.  You’ve lived long enough to know that the price for everything increases and burial costs are no different.  An $8,000 cost now will be higher in 10-20 years so you want to go over the current national average.  With these numbers in mind, my recommendation would be no less that $10,000.  You also want to keep in mind that you are buying life insurance for your loved ones and once you die there is a huge transitional period for them and any extra monies may help ease this transition.

Life insurance is a very important insurance product that is often over looked.  You will use this insurance to the benefit of your family and $10,000 is minimum recommended amount but anything extra on that can help ease the transitional period following your passing.