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I’ve been on Medicare for a while now and I like my Plan F Supplement.  My spouse just turned 65 in 2020 but they can’t the same plan I have? Why is that?

As of January 1st 2020 any new Medicare Enrollee (Part A effective date of Jan 1, 2020 or later) will not be able to enroll in a Plan F Medicare Supplement.  The most comprehensive coverage for these individuals is a Plan G.  Plan G is very similar to a Plan F and actually offers a better value than a Plan F.  With a Plan G the client will pay the Medicare Part B deductible ($198 for 2020).  The premium for a Plan G can offer savings of $300-400 annually when compared to a Plan F.  In fact, Stockett and Associates has been changing a lot of our older clients from higher premium Plan F to the cost saving Plan G.

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