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Adam, I currently have access to doctors and hospitals through my VA benefits.  Could I also enroll in a Philadelphia American (PALIC) Defined Benefit plan for coverage outside of the VA?

Yes, you can enroll in a PALIC Defined Benefit plan and have access to the VA.  The plans offered through PALIC do not coordinate benefits.  This means that you could have group health insurance, VA, disability insurance, cancer insurance, etc and the PALIC plans will payout full benefits IN ADDITION to these plans.  In other words, if you had a high deductible group plan then the payouts from PALIC could be used to cover the deductible.  Thus, the PALIC plan is effectively functioning as GAP insurance.  Now, using a PALIC plan as GAP insurance would be expensive but it can be used that way.

With regard to VA, they will not file charges to insurance companies.  So, that means you will have to do so yourself in order for PALIC to pay on the claim.  This process is very simple and can be done with your cell phone by taking a picture of charges and emailing them to the Claims Department at PALIC.  This is how I personally file claims for reimbursement on prescriptions.