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The Open Enrollment Period for Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans ended on January 15th but that doesn’t mean customers can’t still find a new health plan. ACA plans are just one option for health insurance in the US. And because Stockett and Associates is a full service health insurance broker we don’t limit our clients to just one option. Hospital Indemnity products through companies like Philadelphia American and Manhattan Life are excellent alternatives to ACA plans. I know because I use one for my own health insurance. Clients can enroll in these plans year around. There is no enrollment season. These Indemnity products are also highly versatile and offered in varying coverage amounts allowing for a client to meet their health insurance budget. With Indemnity products being so affordable they allow for the opportunity to layer the coverage with Critical Illness and Accident plans. Stockett and Associates offers all these coverages and more. Contact us for more please information.