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Medicare News
Beginning this year, the cap Medicare allows for outpatient therapy for speech, physical, and
occupational has been abolished. In the past, original Medicare had limited those services. This
is great news for those who really need and continue to need these services.

Medicare Part D 2024
In 2024 the “donut hole” is increasing. Once you have reached your $5,030 in drug costs,
you will only have to pay up to 25% for brand-named and generic drugs. Once
your costs exceed $8,000 you will only pay 0% for any of your prescription drugs.

Medicare Advantage Plans
You are now able to try out your Medicare Advantage plan for three months instead of just a
month and a half. You now have from January 1st until March 31st
This past January, you can also elect, with your MA plan, options such as nicotine replacement
therapy, coverage for diabetes and congestive heart failure, meals delivered to your home,
transportation to doctor’s offices, and some safety features you may need for your home such
as bathtub grab bars.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Changes 2020
In 2020, Medigap plans C and F will no longer be available unless you currently have either, then
you can keep that plan. If you are just turning 65, Plan G is a good alternative that doesn’t cover
the part B deductible but can have a sizable premium difference. Plan N is also a good alternative, it has a $20 co-pays on doctor visits and $50 co-pays on emergency room visits.

Medicare Saving Accounts (Lasso Healthcare MSA)
A high deductible health plan plus a special, medical savings account. Lasso makes an annual
deposit into your account to spend towards your deductible. Any unused portion of the deposit
will roll over each year. Once the deductible is met, Lasso Healthcare MSA will pay 100% of any
future Medicare-covered expense with a Zero Premium. There are no Provider Networks – Any
doctor that accepts Medicare will accept Lasso. End-Stage Renal Disease is the only health question.